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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coffee Break

What's It Wednesday #118

When we moved into our new home I told my husband I wanted a Coffee Bar. He just looked at me sideways. I spent the last year planning for it. In my mind it would be a place to go to grab a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings or a nice glass of wine at the end of the day.

The coffee bar started with the coffee cups. When the girls or even the guys come over, I wanted to be able to serve a nice beverage in a beautiful porcelain cup or nice heavy mug.

When entertaining one of my favorite teapots is this glass one from Crate and Barrel. The tiers of cake plates were a house warming gift from an Aunt. I have served cakes, cookies, pies and delicious chocolates from them.

Party City is the perfect place to shop for beautiful spoons that are actually plastic. Some even look like silver. They make great stirrers that you just throw away after its use. The Honey Straws are the perfect addition to any flavored tea you may have. 

I had wanted Keurig for a very long time. It takes up quite a bit of space in the kitchen so this was another reason I wanted a dedicated space for this machine. Well that's my excuse any way. I had hoped that Santa would have brought it for me last Christmas, but that was not the case. That was ok though. I was at Macy's at 6:00a.m. the day after Christmas getting the machine at a majorly discounted price. 
While planning the coffee bar I discovered all kinds of cool things to add. I found these shaved chocolate toppers at William and Sonoma in white and milk chocolate and boy are they delicious.

Our guests, male and female, seem to like the sugar choices. They like the regular as well as the sugar cubes. I placed the sugar cubes in my antique pickle castor. 

The Coffee Bar also houses our wines. It is fortunate for us that we live near the southern most winery which is known for its unique variety of tropical wines made from mango, guava, passion fruits, lychee and even star fruit. If you live in one of their authorized distribution states I recommend treating your self to a bottle of fabulous wine from Schnebly

Although this dream of mine has come to fruition, my husband has actually taken it completely over. The up side is that I get served coffee.

If you are in need of a well deserved coffee break, I strongly recommend a Coffee Bar for your home.

So far this has been my favorite home project for this year. What's your favorite home project (done or planned for the future) for 2014?

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