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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shoe In

What's It Wednesday #140
Most women have a shoe fetish, I am not immune. Mine just happens to center around baby shoes. They are so tiny and adorable, I can't resist, especially when they are from family.

This year I wanted to get them out and try something a little different with them. This little T-strap got the glam treatment. Sporting a sparkling brooch and bracelet, it is so elegant. And how about that powder puff? Doesn't it look like one of those fashionable sixties hats?

This old button shoe was found at the antique store. It had been slightly bronzed and I love the way one button is undone. I took one of the dried roses my sweeties gave me and added it.

The faded color is just perfect. I added ribbon to each shoe so it can be hung.

This is another of my daughter's shoes with a pretty mother of pearl teething ring rattle. It was actually the first one I made, then you know I couldn't stop! Lol

I love taking the shoes out and using them, especially this one. It's blue for my precious little grandson. I can't wait for Christmas, maybe I'll do a shoe tree? Or some sweet vignettes around the house. It'll be a real shoe in!

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