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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Reading Nook

What's It Wednesday #186

At the end of each day, I retreat to my reading nook. This little comfy spot is where I love to unwind and reflect on the day.

This reading nook sits in the corner of my bedroom next to a window. The tufted navy chair was a Mother's Day gift from my husband. It is super comfy, in fact if I am not careful I have been known to have fallen asleep within five minutes of sitting in the chair. 

I inherited this beautiful antique table from an Aunt. Every evening I light a candle, then grab hand lotion and lip balm from the drawer. I love to grab a mint from the tray and relax with a book, magazine, or my iPad.

Above the chair are two large frames from Kirklands with black and white photos of the family. Constant reminders of my blessings.

Candles always put me in the mood to relax. Lavender candles are my favorite.

Below the chair is a book box from Michaels that houses my manicure set, tweezers, and other small essentials. The basket has a wonderful soft throw that I wrap around when I am reading. Underneath the throw, in the basic, is a bottle of oil (usually olive oil) and perfumed lotion. Before I read, in addition to pampering my hands with hand lotion, I pamper my legs, feet, and arms. Also I have a headset for when I want to watch a video, movie, listen to music, or FaceTime a family member or friend. My reading nook is my personal sanctuary...when the kids aren't sitting it.

What's your personal sanctuary?


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